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Spiritual Products / Metaphysical Products   spiritual products
Check out our line of energy infused spiritual products that are formulated to increase specific intentions.
Life Coach   life coaching
Get help figuring out your individual happiness and working through issues.

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Love and Light is a center for spiritual cleansing. We specialize in spiritual life coaching for people of all faiths. We assist people in discovering their true happiness and overcoming the obstacles that life has thrown at them. Our spiritual product line is specially infused with high spiritual energy and intentions to bring individual goals to fruition.

Popular Products
Abundance Wash   Love Herb Bath   Manifestation Oil   Attraction Liquid Soap
  abundance wash
  love herb bath
  manifestation oil
  attraction liquid soap

Our products are hand made so actual appearance may vary. Please contact us prior to ordering if you have any allergies. Product effectiveness may be impacted by your faith, spiritual path, and intentions.